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We are regularly instructed by clients to advise them on their potential claims against their Solicitors or Barristers.

When you instruct a solicitor or barrister to represent you, you have a right to expect a reasonable standard of service from them. 

In the majority of cases solicitors and barrister enjoy a good working relationship with their client’s.  However from time to time we deal with cases where either the solicitor or barrister makes a mistake and this can have serious implications for not only your cases but for you financially.  In some cases the mistakes can be corrected but in a number of cases the mistake can have a financially crippling effect and the client risks losing a huge amount of money.  In those circumstances you may have a claim for professional negligence. 

Here are some of the examples of negligence:


1. Failing to carry out the relevant land charges searches.

2. Changing the name of the Buyer without taking the client’s instructions.

3. Exchanging contracts for less than 10% without taking the client’s instructions.

4. Failing to give adequate undertakings to exchange or complete.

5. Serving a defective notice to complete.

6. Withdrawing a notice to complete or accepting that a notice to complete is defective without properly advising the client or taking their instructions.


1. Failing to advise you on the relevant funding options available to you.

2. Missing the Limitation period.

3. Wrongly setting out their client’s claim in either the letter of claim or Court documents.

4. Saying something or not saying something in the claim form, Defence, Reply, Rejoinder, Rebutter, Surrejoinder, Surrebutter or other Court documents that prejudices either your claim or the way your claim should be handled.

5. Failing to attend a listed hearing as a result of which either you have been Ordered to pay costs or have been sanctioned in any other way.

6. Advising you to settle at less than what you were entitled to.

7. Failing to properly prepare your case.

8. Failing to advise you to make a part 36 offer, engage in the negotiation process or advise you about the reasonableness of a part 36 offer already made.

9. Conducting your case in a way which has increased your costs.


1. Missing the relevant limitation period.

2. Failing to properly prepare your claim or Defence properly.


1. Failing to submit your application on time.

2. Losing your file of papers.


Above are only a few of the type of cases we have advise on here at Safaaz Solicitors.  If you have any other type of enquiry contact us during working hours on 0121 772 7428 in order to book an appointment. 


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